The fallout of that?

Hi, on CNN I have just heard this question:

What’s been the fallout of that?

Now, my dictionary says that a fallout is a descent of radioactive particles from a nuclear explosion and only as a secondary meaning it is described as result. So my question is can I use the word fallout as a synonym for result?
I’d like to thank you for all your explanations in advance.

Hi Englishfan,

Yes you’re right - it started with the radioactive meaning but has now come into common use and is often used in a political sense. Today for example in the UK the newspapers are full of stories about the leader of one of our political parties, who has resigned. It would be a typical comment if you read: What will the fall out be now that the leader has resigned? It is in a sense a result but it also refers to the after effects of what has happened - and very often it is what happens after a dramatic event.

Just some thoughts