The english grammar rule

hi ;

I have 2 questions , i know their answers , but i do not know the rule of answering , i like to hear your comments ;

  1. Mary had her big sister -------her shoes for her .
    *tie * tied

2)I had my room --------.

  • Paint * painted

First of all , seems the rule goes for have , make ,get .Secondaly , i think the correct answer for the first question is tie , but the second one in painted .

I like to understand the rule .


Hi Emad,

You quoted:


The difference lies in who does what. You can say:

I had Charlie paint the house - which means you paid/asked him to do it.

You can also say I had the house painted - which means someone painted it for you but the passive does not show who did it. The difference here shows that you need the infinitive if you have an object but when the action is done by someone unknown, there is no object and you use the passive.

In summary you get/have someone do something or you get /have it done.


Hi Alan ;

Thank you for clarifing the issue .

you are right .

I will explain to you howq i was dealing with those questions type .

I had my room painted ;

I consider this sentence contains something /object which is the room so that i use p.p.

I had Chrlie paint the room ;

I cosider this sentence contains person who is charlie , so that i select the infintive .

Thanks , i think you clarified it reasonable .