The end of university degrees?

Are we in the process of observing how traditional universities and their degrees are becoming obsolete? I mean, why would you spend more than 100k dollars and five or more years of your life to become a lawyer when for the same amount of money you can hire a team of developers who create an AI driven system for you that has much more legal information than you will ever be able to cram into your head and makes much better legal decisions than an entire army of highly qualified and experienced lawyers?


That is, indeed, a good observation for a likely scenario!


More on this here: Is Writing Becoming Obsolete? The Effect of AI on Writing and Standardized Testing

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Yes, if you mean writing with a pen on a sheet of paper!

Now, unless we recognize the alphabet, how can we write? Is there a way to learn the alphabet without practising writing it traditionally or digitally?

And as you conclude, it is true that what we write is much more important than how we write it.