The differences between three ways of intonation



I have attached a file showing three different ways of intonation.
Could you tell me the different meanings of these three?

Thank you very much.



OK, I had to edit this response after I thought about it some more. The standard question is Where 'are you? with a slight stress on “are”. My second example below is with a heavy stress on are - Where ''are you?

These examples would all be from phone conversations:

Where 'are you is the standard question. [color=red] Jenny, your mother needs to give you something. Where 'are you?

Where ''are you? with a really heavy stress on are is when you expect someone to be at a certain place but they are not there. - [color=red]We were supposed to meet in the library at noon. Where 'are you?

Where are 'you is when you tell someone where you are and then ask where they are.
[color=red]A: Where 'are you?
B: I’m at Jenny’s party, where are 'you? Weren’t you invited?

The only time we would stress 'where is if someone misunderstood your first question, so you have to stress the 'where
[color=red]A: Where 'are you?
B: I am doing fine.
A: No, 'where are you?


Great answer!
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