The difference between “surprised” and “amazed ”

Hi teacher,

Can you tell me the difference about “surprised” and “amazed”?
And how do we use them in the sentence?

Thanks in advance.


They have nearly the same meaning, except that amazed is a bit stronger. With something positive, you would perhaps rather use “amazed” than “surprised”, though this is not a firm rule at all.

“I am surprised at your excellent report card” - I did not expect it, which means I probably expected a bad report card; it might not be a compliment for 100%.

“I am amazed at your excellent report card” - I really didn’t expect it, I am very much surprised: I might have expected it to be good, but not this good; you will most probably take this as a compliment, because it could hardly be meant in a negative way.

This is only a subtle difference; most of the time, they have the same meaning and can be used indistinguishably.