The decisions that people make quickly are always wrong

Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? The decisions that people make quickly are always wrong.

I disagree that the quick decisions are always wrong. Following is my detail explanation.

First of all, because of well preparation, everyone is able to make decisions rapidly and correctly. Actually, the fear of making wrong decision comes from the lack of important information, solving and reasoning skills and training in particular circumstances. However, if people are well prepared to face their problems, they will have enough confidence to decide the best choice. My brother told me how he got the high score in TOEFL test as well as millions of test takers all over the world. If he didn’t read 4 to 5 articles per day, write hundreds of topics and train his pronunciation every day, he would never had any idea about which word he’s going to choose, idea to express and examples to reason. Therefore, with only 45 seconds to prepare for ideas, he got 28 points at speaking.

Secondly, because of circumstances, not every choice we have to decide is taking much time. In reality, scores of decisions are similar to us every day, so we can quickly make the right choice. Most of visible examples are selecting the breakfast meal when we’re driving to the company or taking the test that we have done the same before, etc. Besides, many right decisions are on the edge of life and death, success and failure. Certainly, while the plane is going to fall, the pilot doesn’t have many selection and time to stay alive: jumping out of the plane and parachute to safety or hope that there will be miracle to survive from the explosion. And I don’t think someone will decide to stay in that moment.

Last but not least, I think not all of quick decisions have wrong answer all the time. A choice may be regarded as wrong at that time but it will be right at another time. Moreover, luck is helpful in many cases. Have you ever seen the TV program “Who wants to be a billionaire?” Follow your instinct and perhaps you are luckier than the most careful person.

From all of above-mentioned reasons, I think not all decisions need to be made cautiously. Nowadays, quick decision is crucial to the world, and it will be useful if we know how to use.

P/s: I got stuck in the conclusion. Could you tell me how to end an essay in a simple and effective way?

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Hey, I like your examples in the second and third paragraph, and the general organization is clear! When it comes to the conclusion, I think you can combine your fourth paragraph with the conclusion, in order to make up the lack of your fourth paragraph, as well as not to “create” a conclusion.
I am learning to write myself, not a professional writer, so these are all my personal opinion.(:slight_smile:)

Thank u very much Elsiefan for your comment
I am learning to write myself too
It’s hard to read example essays and then write by my own without any help :frowning:

Hi PhE0niX

You will find very useful advice on writing essays here and here.