The characteristics of a good teacher


I’m Phuong, Quang’s sister, would you mind helping me correct the mistakes in my speaking? Thank you very much.

Topic: What are the characteristics of a good teacher and why? … sp=sharing


Hi, your answer has very good content. Once again, if you are practicing for the TOEFL, it is best to stick to the time limits you will encounter on the test. Your speech is fairly easy to understand, but I found a few issues:

“one of the important characteristic” - should be “characteristics”

“Good speaker” - I couldn’t hear the “d” in good. And your inflection drifts up during speaker for some reason - it should just be constant pitch.

“with better skill and resolve” - resolve doesn’t really work here - maybe "results’?

“kind person” - I couldn’t hear the “d” in kind

“surely will bring greater ??? and resolve” - here I guess you are saying results, but it sounds like resolve. I could not figure out the word after “greater”