The breakfast express

[color=green]What’s the time?

I slept right through.

Bring me the breakfast, please.

Black coffee, white coffee, decaf, chocolate.

Three croissants (doughnuts), please.

Ham and eggs, marmalade, white coffee.

White coffee, rolls and butter.

Waiter, plum, strawberry, apricot or peach jam, please.

Sugar, sweetener (saccharin)

Bring me two rolls.

Sliced loaf, two slices.

This milk is cold.

Bring me some cold water.

I want some toast.

I want chocolate with milk.

Give me some cookies, sponge cake.

Bring me an omelette.

Fried eggs, ham and eggs.

Toast, honey.

Please, bring me a yoghourt.

Bring me some toothpicks.

What is this supposed to be, Abbas?