The Birth and Death of Chocolate Easter Bunnies

[size=167]Hi everybody,

Easter bunnies are like any other living being.

First they’re born:[/size] … re=related

[size=167]And then they die:[/size]

[size=167]Unless they’re eaten beforehand![/size]

[color=indigo][size=167]Happy Easter to all of you who search for easter eggs!


Lol thanks :)! Happy Easter to you too!
Better eat them before they die, fullfill their purpose of life :P!

I never saw Easter bunnies in hell. Never registered it, i know that.
Is there a place, where they go after death?

The pot… or the oven.

I guess our stomachs?

Katty, and then they come out …um … from the backside? Uh! The poor Easter bunnies!
It makes me cry.
What have they done to deserve this?
I think, they die and come to us as a choclate-Nicholas

That would explain the rather elongated shape of some of those figures, Baalrieth.

there’s an unpleasant film in my head!

You started it! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Screeeeech! I just got off the scale. Those darn chocolate bunnies made me gain two pounds! They are evil, I say! EVIL!!!

I thought it was the other way around? Although . . . this might explain Mr. Hankey, the Christmas Poo. Howdy Ho!

Good thing they don’t taste the way they look!


I bleieve, that Easter bunnies goes to be choclate Nicholases and them goes back to Easter Bunnies. It is a doom loop!!!

good topic but i could not give my ans upon it

Hi Sidramalik, what do you mean with “ans”?


Ouh, is this a regulary shortcut?

Haven’t you learned yet that there’s nothing regulatory about me, Baalreith. ;D

I agree. No doubt here. After all, you are the expert on doom loops.

I prefer Fruit loops. Sugar is sweeter than doom.


Bee you wrote “and” by mistake :stuck_out_tongue: Its supposed to be ans.

Oh dear, has all that nonsense started again?

I’ve corrected it, Katty.