The best way to improve the quality of education

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Do you agree with the following statement:
The best way to improve education is to raise teachers’ salaries.

A famous leader has ever said “education is the most important productivity of the social development”. Accordingly, how to improve the quality of education has become a hot topic among human. Compared with someone’s opinion that the best way to improve the quality of education in a country is to increase teachers’ salaries, I insist on the statement that an advanced education pattern is the core, which means we should teach every student based on his or her characteristic.

First, an effective pattern can exploit students’ potentials and merits. When the teacher knows what the students are good at or interested in, he can provide more opportunities to them to develop their advantages. This can not only make them learn more, but also enhance their confidence about study. Take me as an example, when I was in a primary school, I was interested in math and hated Chinese very much, because I did not like to recite texts. My math teacher gave me a reference book about math and encouraged me to attend to a math competition. His behavior made me believe I can learn math better than anyone, so I studied much harder than ever. As a result, I got the first prize in the school competition. When I realized that I can do well in math, I can also do well in Chinese, as most people thought math is much harder than Chinese. From then on, I began to learn Chinese industriously and had a great progress on it.

Furthermore, an advanced pattern promises the education resources can be used effectively. Once we know how to teach each student, we can arrange the equipments, the teachers, the books reasonably. Nowadays, much resources have been wasted, which is obvious in universities. We always see that many books in the libraries have not been used fully by students, even no one have ever read them. Each year, universities pay a lot of money to purchase latest data-bases, in order to provide plentiful information which are useful for study to the students. In fact, most of them are not been read by anyone. If the money can be devoted to some practical projects, such as funds for students’ researches, they can be used significantly and completely.

Finally, an advanced pattern provides teachers more confidences and expectations about their jobs. All the students they instruct are not forced to study the subject, but they really like it. Because of them potentials and passions, teachers can make a more effective plan about their work. They do not have to devote much efforts to instruct the students who do not like the subject, or to manage the class orders. For example, teachers who teach in classes with many excellent students always are full of passion to their work, because they want to train the students as more excellent students and make them enter better universities.

In sum, the best way to improve the quality of education is to search for a suitable education pattern for every student. Both the students and the teachers can benefit from it.

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