The best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teachers' salarie

Do you agree or disagree:The best way to improve the quality of education is to increase teachers’ salaries
For centuries, teachers always have been considered playing a crucial role in children’s education, thus rising a heated debate on the topic that whether increasing teacher’s salary is a best way to promote the quality of education. While some people argue that teachers can be facilitated by the increasing salary then they will devote themselves to their job, which certainly benefits their students. However, I reckon that there are other aspects about teachers which are more important for us to focus on.
First, we should enhance teachers’ professional ethics. As we know, teachers with high responsibility and enough patience towards their students are popular among students. They help students with a warm heart. So students can obtain both knowledge related to subjects and method about life. Obviously these teachers undoubtedly improve the quality of education. On contrast, some teachers do not take their job seriously and they have bad attitudes toward their students. For example, when a student constantly ask one question, instead of answering it with patience, these teachers act an negative reaction. They may refuse to answer or just give a simple answer. In fact, whatever the salary is, these two kinds of teacher remain exist. So what we need is to promote teacher’s values toward there job.
Moreover, teacher’s expertise should be improved. An erudite teacher is more likely to solve their students’ problem. For example, a smart girl figures out a difficult formula but she can not solve it. Then she ask her teacher to do her a favor. We can imagine her disappointment if her teacher can not solve it too. How teachers of that kind will improve the quality of education? As a result, teachers should learn more in order to handle their students’ questions and provide students a perfect answer.
Admittedly, teachers can be motivated by increasing salaries then they will work harder for their students. However, I suspect that this impetus will not last long. In other words, if teachers’ profession ethics and expertise which are the foundation of teaching have not been promoted, temporary incentive disappears soon.
In a word, it is not appropriate to prejudge increasing teachers’ salaries is the best way to improve the quality of education.

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