The best teacher is one who is very knowledgeable

Topic:- The best teacher is one who is very knowledgeable about the subject matter.

On this planet, no one can read any once mind. The knowledgeable person is a person, who has the grate ability to express his or her view or
knowledge that he or she has. Teacher is one of the sources through which student get the knowledge. So they should have ability to express the knowledge.
From my point of view, having good knowledge is one of the qualities that make teacher best but this is not sufficient. There are some other qualities also,
which full fill the requirement to become best teacher. First and most important quality is, the teacher should have ability to express the knowledge that
they have. If the teacher have very good knowledge of the specific subject and he can not explain that knowledge then it is of no use. Students love and
score better in the subject which they can understand each and every term properly. Simillar to that students love the teacher who explain and make the
things simple to understand. So expressing the knowledge is more important.
Second important thing is, he or she should be situation orientated, that means he or she should not be strict and serious all the time. He or she
should get mixed with students and should not be partial in nature, that means he and she both should give equal preference to all. Third important quality
is that teacher should not be rash in behaviour. They should not be harmful to students and the most important quality is, they should be disciplined and
honest to their work. For example, if the teacher is not taking the lectures regularly because of his personal work and in exams he is asking the questions
on whole course, then it is not possible to score better for every student in that subject. So students grade or percentages may get affected.
So finally to wrap up, teacher should be smart and liberal in nature. Rather than getting hipper on students doubts, they should solve them patiently.

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I know this is an essay sample, but I think it is a topic worthy of discussion.

While I think it’s absolutely necessary for a teacher to be knowledgeable, I actually think it is more important that they be capable of effectively conveying understanding of that knowledge to the students. Being able to explain things in a manner in which the student is comfortable and can understand the concept is a much greater challenge than simply learning material. I have worked with some teachers who were absolutely ignorant of 90% of grammar and vocabulary they needed for a lesson, but were extremely good at teaching. Likewise, I’ve known people who were very knowledgeable, but who simply could not teach.