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I am Asha . i am planning to take GRE this december to apply for 2006 fall for Environmental microbiology(phD) . I am following Barrons GRE. Can any one sujjest the best GRE online preparation course and its fee structure? plzzz reply soon.

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Hi Asha,

You give some online free tests on and you can find some good material on

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Hi Harshada
Thanx for ur mail :slight_smile: . Hope it will help me .
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Hi Asha,

How’s your vocab? What books are referring to for vocabulary? Do Reply to the post.


Hi Harshada,
I am currently going through the high frequency words in Barrons and also referring the dictionary whenever i come across any new words. what about you?
Since i am a pure biology student i am not very confident about the maths part. i am working out the maths problem in Barrons. can u sujjest some other sources were i can improve my maths skills?
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If you want to do an online course, I would do Princeton Review. I just signed up for it. There’s a free demo and you get access to a free practice test, so I would check that out.

Hi Asha,

Barrons is a good book for vocab. Even i started studying barrons but since i am working, carrying the book was not feasible. I came across a product called gre flash cards. These cards cover the complete wordlist in barrons.
Even i am weak in quant. I am trying to solve kaplan and powerprep tests.
Tell me if you have any more issues with prep


For picture Vocab you can check

Princeton Review online prep course for the GRE is useless because you are playing with some tests that contain questions that are unrepresentative of the actual test. PR does not provide any guidance or coaching. You need to choose a course that trains you with high difficulty questions on the GRE and has a mechanism of identifying your weaknesses and pointing them out. Simply giving you a score after each test is not the same identifying your weaknesses. If you want real training, choose the MLIC GRE prep course – either turboprep or online course – and you are sure to be trained with questions that resemble actual GRE questions. Secondly, your trainer will guide you through the training and put you through the paces. MLIC even gives you a list of words monitored on recent tests. If you choose the online course, be sure to attend the virtual classes that are real-time lectures and review sessions held in small groups, and you will learn a lot. It is a lot of value for the price you pay. MLIC is inarguably the best prep course for the GRE.

I just took the oxford seminar 30hour review on the weekend- Sept. 2009 and I just wanted so much money and am sooooo mad. Basically you can get the GRE study guide from your University library. All he did was read write out of the book. And his advice, which is actually the only real key, is to just do the practice tests over and over and over again- in the same test settings- put yourself on a timer, do ALL of the sections just like you would on the test. No food, no drinks, just the computer and you. the official GRE registration website gives your 2 free test on the computer you can download. So, study, then do these two test in the time alloted.

Another girl had suggested that you get 8 free practice tests with Kaplan, plus vocabulary flashcards and better instructors.

Oxford’s free computer based test are free to everyone- it’s just the Power Prep GRE test on the ets website that you just download.