,, the' before a noun and its name

If we write an noun and its name, should we put ,the’’ before the noun?
For example:
the commune Myszyniec
the grandmother Mary
the association Tango

Thank You.

It is not always necessary, Sameta. It depends on the noun/name and the general context.

Dear Beeesneees,
Could you please write some examples?

Can you put the examples you used into sentences so that we can see the way you intend using them? Then we can advice whether or not ‘the’ is needed.

ok, here you are:
1.From the beginning of newspaper’s article:

Pełty, the commune Myszyniec.? (Pełty -polish place, do we need ‘the’ here?)

  1. The grandmother Mary went into the room. (the?)
  1. What is ‘Myszyneic’, and what is the rest of the sentence?

  2. If this is the beginning of a piece then, yes, you need ‘the’ or you need a pronoun/noun to take its place:
    “Our grandmother, Mary, went into the room…”
    “Peter’s grandmother, Mary, went into the room…”
    “Their grandmother, Mary, went into the room…”
    “The children’s grandmother, Mary, went into the room…”
    Alternatively you could say, “Mary, the grandmother, went into the room.”

It would also be correct to say “Grandmother Mary went into the room.”

“She is the grandmother of that family” could be used when describing a position or status within a family or organization, but you wouldn’t say “she is the grandmother Mary of that family.”

Dear Beeesneees!
Myszyniec is the name of commune and I wrote the all first sentence from the article: Pełty, the commune Myszyniec.Later after that I read: We will help to bring them in to the country and assure the living in our commune - the councillors of Myszyniec decided, unanimously, during the lasat session of Town Council.
What do you think of the first sentence?
Thank you.

I think that those first four words are a subtitle ( a sub-heading) rather than a sentence, Saneta. (Sentences need verbs.)
It needs ‘the’ because the reference is to one particular commune. Notice that later the article mentions the councillors of Myszyniec. If that were extended, it would say “the councillors of the commune of Myszyniec…” In a similar way you might construct a sentence that mentions ‘the people of Myszyniec’ or “the people of the commune of Myszieniec.” I can’t immediately think of a sentence that would not use ‘the’ (though there might be examples).