The beauty of the English language (by Alan Townend)

In the following essay, @Alan explains why the English language has such an incredible variety of words, and I find that fascinating. My Language: English


It is, indeed, a very good read, as usual, Torsten.
How beautifully @Alan has explained his preference and approach to the wide variety of words in English!
Look at what he says about the words he likes: “Others on the other hand have that welcoming look. They are eager to be used. They are like dogs wagging their tails at me and begging for a chance to be taken for a walk.” - What a simile!
I agree with him in toto when he says: There is such a heritage that choosing the right word is difficult even when it’s your native language.
English, as well as the English, is generous enough to accommodate foreign words along with its own - guru, yoga, mantra, verandah, jungle, chit, pyjama, cot, loot, bangle, bungalow, shampoo, chutney, ghee, masala, puri etc and the latest Aiyo - to cite a few!


A very beautiful text. Alan is really a talented writer.