The Beatles!

The people stream into the hall.
The promoter rubs his hands,
All this money, all this crowd,
Just to hear a band.

They were selling Tee-shirts in the foyer,
All sold out, in hours.
Baseball caps, music CD’s,
They were even selling flowers!

The band were tuning up backstage,
To them this was routine.
Flying knickers, swooning girls,
These they all had seen.

The fans meanwhile are growing wild,
They want the show to start,
They’ve queued for hours,
Paid their dues
They know the words by heart.

The group run on, the fans go wild,
The music starts to play.
The Beatles are on stage again,
But now they’re old and grey.

The music captivates the crowd,
They sing along with glee.
They love the Beatles, yes they do,
It’s them they’ve come to see.

All too soon the show is finished,
The fans troop out, elated.
No matter what the papers say,
The Beatles aren’t out-dated!