The advertising is the main cause of unhealthy eating habits?

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Eating plays an essential role in our lives. So the unhealthy eating habits such as overeating, dieting and having meal irregularly usually bring negative effects to our lives. There are too many causes of those bad habits. However, I strongly disagree with the idea that the main cause of it is Advertising.

First and foremost, the unhealthy habit----overeating is attributed to our comfortable lives. With the improvement of our living standard, we can afford as much food as we like with apparent ease. Consequently, we do not need to worry about the expense of food especially the food which is so delicious for us that we can not stop eating them. Moreover, during our daily lives, we have a tremendous amount of access to celebrations and parties that last for a long time, for example, birthday parties, welcome parties .etc. And according to the UNESCO, people appeared to eating more during the entertainment time. Nevertheless, it has noting to do with advertising.

Furthermore, the dream of growing thinner promotes people, especially girls, to keep on diet forever. Nowadays, people who are under the influence of present sense of beauty that thin is glamorous, are tend to eat as less as possible in their daily lives. Because they all consider that a slim figure could give a good first impression to everybody around them. Whereas, actually, it is hard for us to find an advertisement whose intention is to prevent us from eating. Consequently, it is conceivable that advertising dose not led this unhealthy habit.

Last but not the least, some people do not eat on time for their particular occupation. As to these people, when and where to eat depend on the needs of their job, not their choices. Take my brother for instance. He is a journalist. His work is about waiting and traveling from one place to another. No matter how hungry he is, he will go out for news first without any hesitation,because he says that news never wait for a journalist. I seldom have meal with him though we live in one house. When I enjoyed my breakfast, he hurried on with his report; When I ate my food at noon, he was out for news; When dinner time arrived, he already slept in his office. Obviously, It is his job that deprives of his right to eat on time, advertising has noting to do with it.

In a conclusion, the influence of advertising on our eating habits is limited, the really causes of our unhealthy way of eating are the comfortable lives we lived, the eager of growing thinner and the particular occupation.

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