The advantage or disadvantage of building a large company near your community

A company has announced that it wishes to build a large factory near your community. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of this new influence on your community. Do you support or oppose the factory? Explain your position.

Building a large factory near my community would create some advantages and some disadvantages. Its disadvantages would be more higher than its advantages. Building a large factory would be able to provide a decrease in unemployment rate and an improvement on infrastructure system. In contrast to this, it would have some advantages including pollution and the corruption of the image of my town as a coastal town.

During the construction of a large factory, it would encourage other economical activities in my community by spending more money, so unemployment rate would go down through increased economical activities. Moreover, the large factory would want to employ some people. Therefore, employment rate would augment.

Building a large factory near my community and its production would require some infrastructure systems. The large factory would need to be improved the sewer system of my town for its contamination. Also, the distribution of its products and the transportation of its employees would require an improvements on the roads. Therefore, the infrastructure system of my community would be developed. 

Building a large factory has some drawbacks. The first drawbacks is about pollution. Even if the sewer system are developed, it is fact that factories create water and air pollution. If we consider my town is a coastal town, the factory would harm the cleanliness of the sea and the lives of marine species. For example, chemical factories caused to pollution in Marmara Sea. As a result of this, nobody is swimming in Marmara Sea any longer.

The second drawbacks is about the image of my community. My town is near Aegean Sea's shores. Accordingly, it is a pretty town in order to visit for touristic purposes. When a large factory begin to harm our shores, the amount of tourists would start to decrease dramatically so that this situation would negatively effect the image of my town. Addition to this, while depleting the number of tourists, our economy would get worse gradually. It would tend to an augmentation in the unemployment rate in my community.

In conclusion, even if a large company presented some opportunities, the downsides of it would actually be more higher than its benefits. It would create water and air pollution. Also it would cripple the image of my town and so that it would ruin my community's economy.

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