...that that was what was... :)


“While [size=84],[/size] I could see that that was what was in his mind.”

Definitely, I like English more and more!

Could you re-write the (last part of the) phase in a more… ‘sayable’ form? :slight_smile:

Why do you want to go and mess up a perfectly good sentence, Tamara? :lol:

Good morning, Amy, :slight_smile:

I suppose I’m not the first person in your life who can successfully comprehend
and even write :slight_smile: a lot more (‘perfect’ phrases :slight_smile: ) than can pronounce.

I already said it here that when I’m trying to pronounce several short :slight_smile: words (that, what and the like) one after another as in my example - and with normal speed :slight_smile: - I actually sound as a natural born stutterer :frowning:

… It was not a serious question. Just a… hmm…how to say it in your language?..
a cry from the depths ? heartfelt cry ? heart-cry?