That’s settled it


That’s settled it.
Well, that settles it then!

Am I right supposing that the expression (‘settle it’) is colloquial and can be used only informally?
(Even though the first sentence is taken from a novel :slight_smile: and not from a dialogue. )

Hi Tamara

I’ll agree that certain sentences using “settle it” would be more informal (or colloquial) than others, but I don’t see any reason why “settle it” couldn’t also be used in more formal speech/writing.


Hi Tamara,

That’s settled it can often hint at a note of despair when used colloquially. It has the sense of the final straw. There is another expression : That’s put the tin lid on it! These expressions are often used when you have reached the end of your tether.

Having said all that I should add that it can be used formally to indicate arrange satisfactorily. In arguments on whatever scale domestic or high politics people can: settle their differences/world leaders can settle their differences - wouldn’t it be great if they did?


Thanks a lot for your responses.

Yes, Alan, that’s it!

:slight_smile: A bit of this meaning is when they say settled man – informally! - for a ‘married man’, isn’t it? :slight_smile:
(just a joke)

Also, sometimes the phrasal verb settle down makes some troubles, when it is followed by different prepositions – to, on - and even into :slight_smile: