that are of need of well-trained staff vs that need well-trained staff

These graduates will be trained and assigned with judicial positions at agencies that are of need of well-trained staff.
Can I replace the phrase “that are of need of well-trained staff” by “that need well-trained staff”?
If it is OK, which one is better?
Thank you.

The original as you have typed it is not correct.

The correct version is ‘… that are in need of well-trained staff.’

“These graduates will be trained and assigned with jobs at agencies that are in need of well-trained staff.”
Is this sentence OK?

Thanks a lot, I thought the original sentence is correct because “need” has the same role as “importance” in the sentence bellow.
He is a man of importance = He is an important man.

‘need’ does not have the same role as ‘importance’ in your examples.

‘assigned with jobs’ is incorrect.

Hello, Beeesneees:

Thank you and I want to ask you one more question.
What is part of sentence of “in need of”? Is it a noun or an adjective?

You told me that “assigned with jobs” is wrong.
Please correct it.
Can I say as below?:
“These graduates will be trained and assigned to jobs at agencies that are in need of well-trained staff.”


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