Thanks ? For senior officials ?

What is the proper way of thanking seniors or senior official? I am always afraid to thank thinking it would be disrespectful. So kindly let me know.

To thank someone for something is never disrespectful.

The proper way depends on the exact circumstances, but, “thank you for your help” or “thank you for your support” are both fairly standard.

I got it now sir. Thank you for your inputs.

My signature is not displaying sir. How can i display that?

Hello Prabhu.cbe,

The forum is set up in such a way that signatures do not appear until you have made 100 posts.
Once you have done so, your signature will also appear on all previous posts.

This is a very effective way of preventing spam.


Thank you for your input (singular - it’s uncountable)


I think you’ll find that ‘input’ can be used in the plural as 'inputs as you can see from this: Admittedly the preponderance of the examples use the word in a concrete rather than an abstract sense.


Thank you, Alan.

Prabhu.cbe - I should have said ‘It’s uncountable in this sentence.’

Thank you, Alan and Beeesneees.