Thanks a lot Kitos

Finally I got my TOEFL score, it was 105, and my writing was 27. I really appreciate Kitos, I write essays for 3 months in this forum, and you helped me a lot Kiots. Thanks a lot, I learn many new things from your encouragements and punishments.
Thanks Kitos

TOEFL listening discussions: What position does Cindy play?

Happy to have been of help Sarak.

Good luck, Kitos.

Your results are amazing!
I’ve read lots of your essays, and I think that you deserve these results.
I wish you further accomplishments in the future.

Congratulation on your success Sarak. Your score is pretty good.
What were your scores in other sections of the test? What books did you study? Which book was the most similar to the real test? What were your mistakes and weaknesses in the real exam? Please give us some advice about the exam.

Thanks in advance,

thanks Mohammad ans Irchuk
well, I got reading 28, listening 26, and speaking 24. I read Barron’s, Delta, and Longman. The first reading was hard, but the next 2 of them was very easy.I had long reading, and the last 2 reading was very hard. I did not finish them, and now I am sure they do not check those 2 hard readings.In the listening section they spoke slower than Barron’s but the questions were harder.The speaking section was very very easy. You could understand everything. My writing question was a bite hard. “you should be sure that others know your strengths ans accomplishments to be successful in life, agree or not?”
Just be relax in the exam to get the best score. My center for the exam was Shiraz university, and I could not access the Internet at first, so I started my exam a quarter after others,and it was very bad.You should prepare yourself with these happenings here!!!However, I know Isfahan center is better than Shiraz.

Thanks a bunch for your great pieces of advice Sara. However, I cannot make out what you mean by this sentence “The speaking section was very very easy”. What do you mean by “easy”? Would you please flesh out what you exactly mean? You know, my only problem is with integrated speaking questions. Sometimes, it is very hard to understand the subject. Sometimes, the speaker speaks too fast.
By the way, how did you learn the vocabulary? Did you find the words in the books that you mentioned above? If your answer is yes, which books did you find the words in? How about TOEFL vocabulary books?

you know, the speaking section is very easy, you can easily understand everything. It is very easier than Barron’s or Delta or even Longman. The vocabulary was easy too. I saw all of them in essential words for TOEFL. I never find vocabulary in any other books, I just read that book, and it is enough. The only problem in the reading section is time.The questions are easy, but they are long, so it is important to manage your time.

Congratulation :slight_smile:

You surprised me Sarak :). Well-done. In this way, I expect you get admission from one the top universities in the world. Great @};-

Thanks Reza, you helped me a lot when I started studying for TOEFL, and your advices really guide me to study better. Thanks a lot. I know you do your best in GMAT.
By the way, I don’t think that I can get good admissions. My GPA is not that great:-(

You are welcome dear. It was my duty. Fortunately, all members have learned from Kitosdad that help to each other. So, it was my duty.

Do not worry. Your researches and articles can repair your GPA flaw. :slight_smile: