Text of German Audio lessons?

Существует ли в природе текст Аудио занятий - мне хотя бы иметь на руках список слов к каждому занятию? На слух трудно уловить все нюансы произношения, да и слова запоминаются лучше когда их видишь перед собой. Если есть такое, буду благодарен за web link.


This is the translation I got from Google (I have no idea whether it is perfectly right) so others can read what Rusmaxwell is saying:

"Does the nature of text, audio classes - I even have on hand a list of words for each class? Listening is difficult to capture all the nuances of pronunciation, and words are remembered better when they can see for ourselves. If there is, I would be grateful for ссылочку.

Thank you"

Google doesn’t know the last word, so it is as good as it gets until someone posts a proper translation.

Lol =) I’m looking for text of audio lessons of German. Mainly I need the words of each audio lesson. Actually I thought this is Russian forum )


Yeah, that’s why we write all in English here. :lol:

But when i was here first time google has automatically translated all forum content to Russian ))