Text Completion GRE

  1. Dependence on foreign sources of heavy metals, though----, remains----for United States foreign policy.
    (A) deepening… a challenge
    (B) diminishing… a problem
    © excessive… a dilemma
    (D) debilitating… an embarrassment
    (E) unavoidable… a precedent

  2. Within the next decade, sophisticated telescopes now orbiting the Earth will determine whether the continents really are moving, ----the incipient ----among geologists about the validity of the theory of continental drift.
    (A) obviating… consensus
    (B) forestalling… rift
    © escalating… debates
    (D) engendering… speculation
    (E) resolving… rumors

  3. Freud derived psychoanalytic knowledge of childhood indirectly: he----childhood processes from adult----.
    (A) reconstructed… memory
    (B) condoned… experience
    © incorporated… behavior
    (D) released… monotony
    (E) inferred… anticipation

4.Broadway audiences have become inured to----and so----to be pleased as to make their ready ovations meaningless as an indicator of the quality of the production before them.
(A) sentimentality… reluctant
(B) condescension… disinclined
© histrionics… unlikely
(D) cleverness… eager
(E) mediocrity… desperate

  1. Any language is a conspiracy against experience in the sense that it is a collective attempt to----experience by reducing it into discrete parcels.
    (A) extrapolate
    (B) transcribe
    © complicate
    (D) amplify
    (E) manage

Hi Luchen,

Again, thank you so much for explaining these questions so well. All of your answers are right. I am still having doubt in understanding question 1st. Debilitate means weak, so if we use this option:

  1. Dependence on foreign sources of heavy metals, though becoming weak, remains an embarrassment for United States foreign policy.
    I know even option b sounds good but what is wrong with the answer choice (d)?
    This is the main problem I am facing in these kind of questions. I always narrow down 2 choices out of five and then select wrong one :frowning:
    how do I tackle this?