Test me: How I can my test to get certific?

Dear best Mr Torsten
hope feeling very well .
I like you send to some excercises becuase you will know my level . And how I can my test to get certific ?
I want your certiffic .
The best regards

Hi to every one.
I am mohammad Ahmad I hope from Mr. Torteson send to me some exercises to know my level in English gramer , and to put an spelling correcter ( Ac) in the page for helping us in writing … thousand thank … MMA

Dear Mohamed,

Please take this test and let me know how many questions you got right on the first attempt.

Many thanks,

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Dear Mohammad Ahmad,

Many thanks for your question. Judging by your written English I’d say your level of grammar is quite good. Since the English language consists of many components in addition to grammar, it might be best for you to simply try and improve your English. Don’t worry about levels and certificates. The most important English test is life itself so enjoy learning English on you will be on the right track to success.

You can start improving your level of English by installing Firefox.

Let me know what you think.
Many thanks,

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Hi to every one , first To dear torsten :
Please could I ask question in any where ,or just under the correct title which bleongs ? here I have A question about the reported speech ,previously days I asked similar one , now I asked in other form: ------- my question:
Mona said to me " to wait here until she come " … ( :o here not her ) One of them said the solution as ( until she came ) and it is good idea that in reported speech the verbs will go or change to past , other one said ( until she goes ) , and others one said ( until she returned ) please vote for the correct answer …MMA

Dear MMA,

Many thanks for your question. You started a similar thread a couple of days ago and it would be best if you could add your question here.

Best regards,

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