TEOFL essay: Television has destroyed communication among friends and family

Nowadays, it is the fact that television is of the main part in our life. Whatever information, which are in sport news, economic news, , etc, are commonly narrated everyday. Thus, TV overwhelmingly helps us to understand broadly the world so that every one seems to be accustomed to wait for the official news every night regularly. However, I extremely disagree with what the statement claimed that television has destroyed communication among friends and family for some reasons as following.
At a first glance, I would say that even though daily news supply us abundant of special events happened all over the world, can television hardly contains every things, which are very casual things occurring specially in our neighborhood. For instance, tourist’s special locations are showed on tv vividly and imaginarily such as famous resorts, luxury restaurants and hotels. However, our friends can guide us to many particular recreational areas, which had not been mentioned by television before. Hence, friends sometime provide us many useful information about our located area or daily events which thanks to their own experience.
Secondly, whenever watching television, we are tending to just sit down and view it perseveringly that will badly affect our health step by step. While talking with friends and family, we use both languages and specific gestures to convey the information that results in a more vivid and colorful conversation. Besides, communication by talking helps us not only to release our stressful things but also to be healthier through smiling from a funny events or unusual things appearing recently.
As far as concerned, I convincingly prove that television has just promoted our life as fast and particular way to get information. Friends and family can’t be replaced by whatever so it is more valuable for us to combine both and makes it balances.

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