Tense question

Hi everybody :smiley:

Could you help me with this sentence?

[color=blue]He…the newspaper before he goes to work.

a/ read
b/ reads
c/ has read
d/ had read

Which one is the correct answer? and why?

Thanks in advance


I would suggest reads is the best choice because it indicates a regular activity.
You are sending a lot of questions about tenses. What are these tests?


Hi Alan :smiley:

That is the test my teacher wants me and my classmates to take. After taking this test, the students argue with the teacher about the answers. As the students, we are difficult to prove that our answers are correct and teacher’s answers are wrong so that I posted them here to get your help.
Your answers are the same as my answer, that is, different from my teacher’s, so do you have any idea/way to help me to prove that my teacher are wrong? I told him that his answer are wrong but he said he is right and my classmates and I are wrong. How could I do???

[color=blue]Which one is correct?

It’s obvious that… this report.

a/ you haven’t read
b/ you didn’t read
c / you don’t read

My answer is a/ you haven’t read but my teacher said b/ you didn’t read is correct. What do you think?

[color=blue]It… raining heavily this morning.

a/ is
b/ was
c/ will be

my answer is [color=blue]c/ will be but my teacher said [color=blue]b/ was is correct. What do you think?

He …the newspaper befre he goes to work.

a/ read
b/ reads
c/ has read
d/ had read
My answer is like you (b/ reads) but my teacher said [color=blue]c/ has read is correct.

Are my teacher’s answers correct or not?
Waiting for your explanation :smiley: