Telling a cabbie to stop the car


It is my first time to be on this forum and I have a question:

Let us assume that I am inside a taxi and I want the driver to stop because I reached my destination (say for example, a friend’s house.) How would I exactly tell it to him in common, plain english?


In that case I will simply say any of the following

“Hey please stop, we have reached the spot”.
“Please stop, this is the spot”


Thanks for the quick reply, samrat.

I want to take a little step further.

Let’s say that we are approaching my friend’s house (but the driver don’t know that the house we are approaching is indeed my friend’s house) and I want to tell the driver in advance to stop at the house we see at a little distance.

I want to say something like this (which I think has a very bad english structure):

‘Hey, can you please pull over the cab at the house over there.’

I know that the structure of the sentence above is very bad and maybe those of you who are good in english will laugh at it.

Can you please rephrase it? I think there must be something wrong with it. I just don’t know where. Any ideas are much welcome.

The following statement will do despite it looks simple

Please stop the car near that pillar/green house/water tank.

I guess, we don’t need to think too complex here. Let me see how others suggest



When we speak our sentences are much shorter than in written communication. Often we just use single words or word combinations instead of complete sentences because body language and gestures convey the rest of the information. In your case you could say something like Can you see that house over there? The one with the blue porch? Yes, number 11. That’s my friend’s house. [YSaerTTEW443543]

TOEIC short conversations: Leaving a message on the phone[YSaerTTEW443543]

i do not take a cab much anymore l have a car haha. when i did take a taxi i used to say. yo buddy, when we reach the light pull over, or for that friend house thing i would say, driver stop at the house with the blue porch. plain and simple :wink: