Tell me about your country

Hi there!
I’m Shimaa from Egypt which means that I’m an Arabic native speaker…

I have been learning so many languages till now but I’m so sad I’m not that fluent in any of them…
like,I’ve been learning English for more than 12 years and can differentiate between accents when I hear them, almost understand all English I listen to but…
I don’t like the way I speak it and need some conversation practice with a native :slight_smile:

(Studied Italian language for 3 years in school then stopped but I’m back again to it)
-Ho studiato la lingua Italiana per tre anni nella scuola e studio ora nella universita`

-Studied German for one semester in university and now studying Greek…

That was a bit long introduction, the main reason I started the topic is that I’m very interested in knowing about everyone’s country and culture…

tell us,what makes your country so special and what is it famous for ??

Waiting for you!

My country is special same as any other country and special are people living here but
the most special what I found in my place are beautiful women , same as in Egypt, and
the fact that so many of Polish live abroad and have little to do with home affairs.
Polish in general are fond of foreign languages and very interested about the outside world.We don’t like Russian and we have good reasons why we don’t like them.
We love Italians without any logic explanation. We have harsh weather and good food
and miss Sunny days as much as warm evenings during our winters.
I think we are just same as you are…

Hi Shima;

I was just thinking to open same topic but then I saw your request almost the same as my wish.

I was born, grown up and studied in Istanbul. As you guess, I will tell about my country, Turkey.

Before starting to introduce my country briefly, I would like to remind our country’s motto which is known almost all arround the world.

PEACE AT HOME, PEACE IN THE WORLD… (Mustafa Kemal Atatürk - Founder of Turkish Republic)

My country situated in an amazing geographic coordinates and has got lands both in Europe and Asia. There are two Bosphoruses which are connecting Black Sea and Mediterrenean Sea. At the same time those are seperating two continents, Europe and Asia. At the West side we have Greek and Bulgarian neigbours and at the East we have Georgia, Armenia and Iran. If you have a look at the Shout-East part of Turkey, you will see Iraq and Syria as its neigbours. It can be clearly seen that, Turkey has been surrounded with a different cultures from different regions. While Black Sea is taking part at the North, the Mediterrenean Sea is taking part at the South of Turkey. We have got two more seas arround Turkey. One is between Turkey and Greece and named as Egean Sea and the smallest one is Marmara Sea which is connecting Black Sea and Eagean Sea through Bosphoruses.

Turkey has got a population arround 75 million and considerably high amount of young population. Our illeteracy rate is almost %99.

For today, I made only an introduction and lateron I will give you some cultural facts about my country.

Greetings from Turkey


Can someone listen to my accent and comment about it???

Thank you :slight_smile:

Your accent is nice, but not because it is very close to british or not, but because your accent is nice… don’t hide intently some letters of words to be more nature, but speak naturaly to be understood by the listeners. I heard some Britishers here who he pronounces the words and letters very clearly.
As for your fluency in all the languages you learn, that I think is very difficult. my advice that you have to focus on English only till you get the range you wish, then you can move to the other if you like. I really wonder whether it is necessary that I spend all my life learning languages as long as I know English which it is nowadays the window of whole the world.

Thank you.

Well done, Chiquitita , the contextures of sentences are worthy to be studied

Thank you.