Television has destroyed communication among friends and family

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Topic: Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Television has destroyed communication among friends and family. Use specific reasons and examples to support your opinion.


Television is obviously one of the best inventions in human life. It not only provides useful information for everybody but also helps us relax with a lot of entertainment channels. Thus, people increasingly spend time to watch television rather than pay attention to their daily lives. This will bring bad effects for human life such as destroying communication among friends and family.

First of all, it can destroy our friendships. According to the UNDP, the communication among friends and family in industrialized countries has decreased for recent years, and the cause is that they spent more time to watch television than that of participating social activities. It is evident that one person who uses almost time to make friend with television will be isolated from outside relationships. For example, my neighbor, James, after studying at school, does nothing except watching TV day by day. Therefore, he does not have any friend. One day, when he gets sick, he finds that he is very lonely because no one visits to look after him. Suffering enough alone time, he decides to make more friends and get out of isolation instead of watching TV all day. That is totally a smart decision.

Secondly, television also can ruin our family relationship. I have had a chance to see that one family watched TV for 4 hours and no one talked one word to each other. It mostly destroyed the communication among these family members. For instance, parents cannot know their children’s study in school, they give up their chance to understand their children more deeply; they only know about what is going on in the television screen.

All in all, I am strongly convinced that television has ruined the communication among friends and family. I do not deny the advantages of television such as providing entertainment channel, useful news, but if we do not control our time with television, we will unfortunately destroy our all relationship.

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