Telco a commonly used acronym?

Hi, today I came across the acronym telco - I didn’t know it was used for ‘teleconference’. According to it can mean ‘Telephone Company’, ‘Tata Electric and Locomotives’ and ‘Telecommunication Network for Cooperative Driving’. So, how common is the use of the acronym telco? Also, there is this Germany mobile phone provider called Telco. (and my dictionary says that there is even a regional telecom company by the same name in the US). Seems they have chosen this name on purpose? Do you know any other companies that use an acronym as their name? Could there be any trademark issues here?


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I found these:

[i]Telco Powered Products™

Telco Solutions III is a diverse sales and manufacturing company located in Franklin, Tennessee

Telco Construction Equipment Company

Telco Intercontinental Corp[/i]

and a host of others incorporating the ‘word’.