Technology in Germany


On the left you can see a ticket machine as it is used nowadays in most countries. On the right you see the German version of it. DyZqonuXcAUtanI


haha, and you have not yet mentioned the timetable of the “deutsche Bahn AG”.
Imagine you were looking for a train bringing you from A to B every morning and you are offered this:

Try it out without getting a chip on the shoulder. :rofl:


To navigate through the Deutsche Bahn timetable maze you need a degree in computer science. Maybe that’s the reason why they are now offering a DB Alexa skill :wink: However, as far as I can see the Alexa function is available in German only. Way to go, Deutsche Bahn ;-).


Call me an old grump, but as long as I can purchase goods on a free market neither alexa nor any package with a smile at the front side will pass my blessed doorsill. :grin: Hence, even if I had to study computer science for the sake of finding a suitable traffic connection by the Deutsche Bahn.

After all I think what allienates ppl reading them timetables is that they not only name the connection, but also the ID-numbers of the train and the provider of the train. That means that if you are looking for a train that carries you from A to B on a daily base you find different options that all start at the same time but offers you different options. At the latest when you need to change the train on the connection station you are offered different options with different conditions. From a so called “Bummelzug” which is the next to start but stops at each single “Katzenkirmes” upto an ICE that passes the distance in half of the time, but with a pretty unacceptable irregularity. This all is explained by an index at the end oft the line in the timetable. And already when you have found the suitable line to the index you already have forgotten what train you were looking up. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I think this is a problem that drives people voting for their car rather than the “Deutsche Bahn”.
Nevertheless, I will try out “Deutsche Bahn” in case I find a job close to a station. Because, after all even a “first class ticket” is the cheaper option plus you can relax while being transported. Additionally whilst the train goes anyway -no matter whether with or without me- I can save the world from, at least, the exhaust gas from another car carrying a single person from A to B.
Lol only the brave own the world :rofl:


Here is some interesting news though: As of today you have WiFi on the commuter train (S-Bahn) serving Leipzig - Dessau. That’s a novelty and so far the connection really works. Just another sign that progress is possible after all.