Teaching aids

I’m writing my Diploma paper on the theme “Teaching aids as motivating tools for pupils in forms 7-9”
Could you please advise me some websites where to look for information. I’ve tried my best but with no results :frowning:
Maybe there are other key words with the meaning of “teaching aid” ???

Thanks in advance!

Hi Lindinja,

If you google the term “teaching aids” (without quotation marks), you get almost 10 million websites – how many of them have you checked? In addition, you can google “teaching resources” or “lesson plans”.

I think it’s better if you look for something more specific than just “teaching aids” which is a very broad search term. How much do you know yourself about motivating students and using teaching aids? How do you define the terms “motivation” and “teaching aids” yourself?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Thanks Torsten!
Of course I haven’t checked all websites but quite many. Half of them deal with “how to teach AIDS” !!! I also HAVE found something but not enough…
Actually I am a little bit confused about this theme and, as You already said, defining “motivation” is not easy!
But still, speaking about teaching aids - I wanted to divide them in smaller parts like, for example, technological etc. but I can’t find any divisions :frowning:

If anybody has an idea thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Maybe you should first brainstorm all teaching aids/teaching resources/teaching devices/teaching systems, etc. you can possibly think of. Once you have compiled your list, you can then go through it and try to come up with categories such as ‘games’, ‘devices’, evaluation and assessment systems, etc. Also, you might start writing your paper by simply describing in your own words how students can be motivated to learn and what resources a teacher might use to motivate students. Think of your own time at school – how did your teachers motivate you to learn and what materials and devices did they use?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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