What is the differences between target,aim,object,goal and purpose ?

Goal means that something you hope to achieve ?

Purpose means that the thing that something is supposed to achieve ?

To little purpose and little to purpose both means that there is no useful effect to change something ?


1.My suggestion seems to be little to purpose,because her mind is clearly made up.

2.His argument is to little purpose,because his dad has decided to take her to America for studying.

Thanks in advanced.

Sometimes there is a lack of clarity between some of them, because people use the terms in slightly different ways, but in general:
Target - what you are aiming for.
aim - the state you want to acquire by the end.
object - the point of doing it.
Goal - synonymous with ‘target’.
Purpose - the reason for doing it.

Usually, ‘of little purpose’ not ‘to little purpose’.


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