Talking with Kids about Sex

Recently, my nephew, Shan (8), posed a very shocking question, to his Dad:“Why I feel glad watching the breast picture?”. The little kid questioned it with his innocent expression by showing the “interesting” picture from health magazine. But he was surprised, with the reply of his Dad. “No Shan…you are not allowed watching it…you’re still kid, not good for you!!!”. I think it’s not wise to reply him with the intention to forbid him doing that. It can make him unsatisfied and moreover, he will get curious much more. Perhaps, you have smart way to face a sort of shocking question, especially, related to sex matter…please share your ideas.

The current generation tend to be so critical in everything. Be aware for all parents. Facing it with wisdom and avoid to give inappropriate response that can even be “counter-productive”.

RockyHun: You said …can be “counter-productive”. It means, something that we do, causing some unexpected problems? Could you please elaborate it further?

You touched on the subject much discussed and argued about. Different cultures pop up with different views on sex education:since what age, in what words, what matters to consider to be forbidden, and lots of others. Solutions proposed depend on family traditions, religious views of parents, shifts in public morality…I would come up with the only thing: to begin with, treat it as a physiological matter. Any human is being raised according to the Laws of Nature applicable to all the living. You can’t prevent a flower to grow through asphalt /unless you break it/, you can’t prevent your tom-cat breaking free from your flat for a rendezvouz with his sweetheart /unless you castrate him/. In same way, you can’t prevent a boy looking at a nice girl /and vice versa/ because IT’S HORMONES! /provided s/he is healthy/. Humans are the social animals alright, but still animals. Would you like to have your son/daugher feeling guilty s/he is a tiny particle of a Huge Living Cosmos?..

Yes…something like that pipiii!
Eugene: how to give solutions related to the topics above, it depends on many factors? as you mentioned, from the background of family, religious views etc. Yes I totally agree with you. But on the point, you viewed that humans are almost similar with “animals”, I disagree. We have higher grade/level than them, because we have logic and it causes us more civilized. Animals have brain and instinct but they don’t have logic. Nowadays humans can be degraded and they will be similar or equal with animal as they break human-being rules, by ignoring attitude, good ethics etc.

Thanks RockyHun… From time to time, morality is going to be degraded, that’s why humans will be on the same level as animals…it is needed the role of religion to prevent the degradation.