Talk of the town


In a response today Amy referred to President Bush as being the talk of the town. That set me thinking how many other expressions there are meaning roughly the same. For example: in the limelight - in the news - in the spotlight … Any other suggestions?


on everybody’s lips

In the focus of attention. :smiley:

to become the order of the day :slight_smile:

grist for the gossip mill

Hi Amy,

I know the saying is grist for my mill but sometimes you also can find the expression grist through the mill. What is the difference?

Thanks in advance,

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… he is in the public eye…

Hi Torsten

I’d understand “That’s grist for my mill” to mean “That’s something I can use to help me succeed.”

I’d probably use “grist through the mill” with a verb like “move” or “send” to mean “to get a lot of work (or data) processed/done”.

He is very effective when it comes to moving the grist through the bureaucratic mill.


So if you are the talk of the town you are not necessarily the toast of the town, are you? I mean to be the toast of the town means people are admiring you and that’s not exactly what Amy had in mind, is it?[YSaerTTEW443543]

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Hi Torsten

You’re right. The toast of the town is quite positive.

If you’re the talk of the town, that just means there’s a lot of tongue-wagging going on about someone. The topic would probably be negative. 8)