Take to guide (we must go to "option email")

Dear’s friend torsten:
I hope you are ok.In fact i don’t have very much information about that but i know :we must go to “option email” and set some parameters than i did set those, but i don,t know for what still my email isn’t fix?And i can’nt receive lesson’s emails yet.

Dear Ehsan,

Are you sure you have subscribed to the email course? You can subscribe again by entering your email and name here:


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I’m very sorry because : when I wante to go to forum ,I don’t know I have to clik:" New posts "or “New Topic”.
I do it(test 8).please help me.

Hi Ehsan,

‘Post Reply’ means you add a forum message to an existing discussion as you have just done with your previous post. ‘New Topic’ means you start a new forum discussion.

Please let me know if this answers your question.
Best regards,

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Hi Torsten
Thank you very much.I understode.