take off: remove from

English Grammar Tests, Elementary Level

ESL/EFL Test #284 [color=blue]“Basic Grammar Exercises (9)”, question 7

Who took the stapler my desk?

(a) take off
(b) for
© off
(d) of

English Grammar Tests, Elementary Level

ESL/EFL Test #284 [color=blue]“Basic Grammar Exercises (9)”, answer 7

Who took the stapler off my desk?

Correct answer: © off

Your answer was: [color=red]incorrect
Who took the stapler of my desk?

Why off and not of ?

Because the phrasal verb is ‘take off’ not ‘take of’. It means ‘remove from’ in this context.[YSaerTTEW443543]

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In addition 'the stapler of my desk would mean ‘the part of my desk which is called the stapler.’

I thought I knew what stapler means: a device that is used to fasten paper pages together;
I also knew that only airplanes take off …
So, thank you, Beeesnees and Torsten.

You are right about what the word ‘stapler’ means, which is why using ‘of’ would be nonsensical. There is no part of a desk which is called a stapler.

‘take off’ as one phrasal verb is not the same as ‘take off’.

I also have a question about preposition " Diana is planing to move … the office next to mine" the correct Answer is “into”. I’m wondering if it is “to”. Why we choose “into” here? Can you explain to me?

‘Into’ indicates moving inside the room.
‘To’ is possible but doesn’t have the same sense of being inside.
Is ‘to’ an option in the test where you found that question?

Dear Miss Beeesneees!
this question is not multiple choice. It only asks to fill in the blank. Because I fill “to” in the blank, I’m so wondering!
Thanks Miss Beeesneees for your explaination.