take forever


I’ve read that sentence says; People who [color=red]take forever to order food while I’m in line.

What does - take forever - mean? I guess it’s what looks like :

[color=blue]in a jiffy - or - [color=blue]in no time flat. Was that correct?

hi you are right .Its like jiffy or you can say to happen very slowly. For example , In rush-hour traffic,it takes forever to get home.

“Take forever” means to take a very, very long time.

“In a jiffy”, “in no time” and “in no time flat” mean very, very quickly.

So you see that the expressions you gave are opposites.

Hey Jamie,

I supposed it was like ‘in a jiffy’ as I concluded from the sentense that I wrote from the start, which was this; [color=red]People who take forever to order food while I’m in line. But it turns that it was the opposite.

Thank you for clearing that to me.

/ Puppet

What does I’m in line mean? And I have a sense that this sentence is not completed.

In line means in a cue.