Take an incomplete

Hi guys,
I want to ask about the meaning of ‘take an incomplete’ on the following sentence.
’ I was wondering if I could take an incomplete for your class’.

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Makes no sense. An incomplete “what”?

Ask me another. :-)))

The thing is, I’ve read it on Delta’s Book!!! I doesn’t make sense for me too!!! I don’t know Kitos, lol :smiley: it’s on page 240 in listening section. I can even post an snapshot of that here. So, you think it’s a mistake, Kitos?


This seems as if the sentence or sentences prior to this particular sentence ’ [color=blue]I was wondering if I could take an incomplete for your class ’ must have some connection to this phrase ’ [color=blue]take an incomplete ’ or at least a typo with a missing word like ’ [color=blue]one ’ might have happened. In either way, in my opinion, there will be no sensible meaning can be obtained with just this phrase.

Annoyingly enough, most of the electronic spell checkers can not identify these kinds of errors in text blocks. Machines would never stand the brim of challenging the human intelligence.

Hello Sahid, you too have been noticeable by your absence. Glad to have you back.


Hello dear Kitosdad…

You are rather a keen and close observer…

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Thank you Kitos and Sahid for the answer, the most noticable part of this mistake is that they have repeated that in some other parts of the book too!


I found this sitiaution in a website of university:

"Incomplete Grades
Incompletes are granted when a student who was passing a class is unable to complete the class in the semester it is offered, and only a small amount of graded work (a single paper or test, for instance) remains. It is up to the instructor to decide whether an Incomplete is warranted, and then it is the instructor’s responsibility to assign the grade of Incomplete (I).

If you choose to take an Incomplete in a class, you have until the date you and the professor agree upon or the FOURTH WEEK OF THE NEXT SEMESTER YOU ENROLL (whichever comes first) to complete the work. If the work is not completed by the appropriate date, the grade of “I” becomes an “F”. You do not need to be in school to complete the work, but if you start another semester you have four weeks to finish your work. An instructor can decide to grant an Extended Incomplete (EI), which extends the deadline for completing the work to the last day of classes, after which point any grades that are still “EI” become an “F”.

My instructor offered me an Incomplete; should I take it?
You need to ask yourself whether you will be able to get the work done before next semester. Many students are rushed to turn in poor work just to finish the Incomplete when they could have submitted the same quality of work at the end of the semester. Many students never finish their Incompletes, and watch them become an “F” even after being allowed the additional time to complete the course requirements. So, if you know you can get the work done when you feel better, or when your circumstances change, accept the Incomplete option. Otherwise, find out what grade you would get without the Incomplete or speak with your academic dean in Bascom 70 (262-5858) about dropping the class. "

probably this can help to understand what it means exactly.

Hi Sakmunya,
For sure that was useful. It helped me a lot. Thank you for your generous answer.