Take a right VS Turn right

Hi all,

Sarah, the restaurant is near the park, you go down Green Street, take a right, and the restaurant’s on the corner. Why take a right and not turn right?

Many thanks in advance. Bye

It’s a largely American expression which means the same thing as ‘turn right’ (take a right turn).

Good thing you didn’t ask about left turns - then we would have to go over “hang a louie”.

An interesting expresison, and a new one on me! I’m going to have to remember it in case I will be asking for directions in your neck of the woods. :))

Interestingly enough, this Dictionary lists “hang a Ralph” as “hang a right” (rare).
I’ll hazard a guess it’s because Louie and left share the same first letter (much like Ralph and right).

New to me too. You learn something new every day.

I’d have had to rely on contextual clues to understand the meaning of that expression.

Learn something new every day and you’ll never grow old! :wink: