tag question for this or that


I have a question on tag questions.

  1. That is your purse, isn’t ___?
  2. This is your purse, isn’t ___?

I think the blank in 1) could be filled with it or that.
The blank in 2) could be filled with it or this.

What do you think? Are my answers right? If so, which is common: it or this/that?

Waiting for your answers,

isn’t it - is the correct one.

Hi Sweetpumpkin,

‘This’ and ‘that’ both on their own and together with nouns indicate location. Generally ‘this purse’ suggests the purse is here in front of me/in my hands and ‘that purse’ would indicate that the purse is there/over there. In both your sentences you should use ‘it’ with the question tag


The answer should be
This is a good idea, isn’t it ?
Here comes bus, isn’t it?
That is a fan, isn’t it ?