Synonyms for defeat

Hi expert teachers and English lovers,

He defeated the champion in three sets.

Can I use “trounce, beat, conquer, vanquish, rout, trounce, overcome” in place of “defeat”?

Many thanks.

The correct forms would be
trounced, beat, conquered, vanquished, routed, overcame.

Why would you go to the bother of looking up a list of synonyms then asking if they can be used?
Some of them would sound odd in the context of a boxing match, which I presume this is. However, there aren’t any that are totally incorrect.

I agree with what Bev said.
Those are that sound good to me: He trounced/thrashed/hammered/beat/got the better of/triumphed over the champion in three sets.
But that would give you nothing unless you spend some time paging through dics and find out which of them fit the context of a tennis match.