synonyms for correspond


‘The obtained results (or the results obtained-which is right) correspond completely to the accepted norms.’

Сan I use synonyms for correspond,such as comply with,comfort to, coincide with. Which of them are used in that kind of sentences?

Thank you

The obtained results comply with the accepted norms (in this case they are exactly the same)
The obtained results coincide with the accepted norms (in this case they may not be exactly the same)
Instead of ‘comfort to’, I think you mean ‘conform to’ - The obtained results conform to the accepted norms (they are also exactly the same)

Dear Iowtrish,

Thank you for your quick and detailed explanation.
And one more question. Can also ‘match’ be used in this situation?

Thank you in advance

Yes, The obtained results match the accepted norms (they are the same)