swift progress

I have to cross out the adjective which doesn’t collocate with the noun.

  1. 'The nurse said the patient was making good/ satisfactory/ swift progress.
    The incorrect given word is indicated as ‘swift’. Why? Couldn’t we say ‘swift progress’?
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If “a remarkably swift recovery” is a valid one, I can’t see why ‘swift progress’ could be marked as incorrect. (‘Swift’ meaning ‘happening or moving quickly or within a short time, especially in a smooth and easy way’).

Since progress itself is defined as ‘satisfactory development, growth or advance’, could it be that it is ’ satisfactory progress’ that sounds a redundancy there?

“Is it progress if a cannibal uses a knife and fork?”

We can use terms such as ‘good’, ‘satisfactory’, ‘steady’, slow’, ‘poor’, ‘pleasing’ and ‘disappointing’ with progress. We simply don’t use ‘swift’ with ‘progress’ when speaking in terms of patient recovery.

You mean you have to refer to it as ‘swift recovery’, not ‘swift progress’ and restrict usage of the latter to non-medical cases only?

The main reason why ‘swift’ and ‘progress’ do not make good bedfellows is that ‘progress’ is usually associated with a gradual forward movement. ‘Swift’ essentially suggests a rapid movement/action.

I’m a bit lost really. ‘Swift progress’ is a kind of contradiction in terms?
Looks like it ‘doesn’t work’ (if that was the idea of the authors of the test) in academic spheres only, as there is lots of examples proving its validity.

The progress leading up to this point has been swift. The 61st FS and its associated 61st Aircraft Maintenance Unit formally stood up in October 2013. The first F-35s arrived in March 2014. The wing completed its 100th F-35 sortie in August 2014. The academic training center that contains classrooms and simulators essential for F-35 pilot training opened in October 2014. The first international partner aircraft, two Royal Australian Air Force F-35As, arrived in December 2014. lockheedmartin.com/us/news/f … gress.html

Progress is ‘swift’ on RiverBend land deal - The Buffalo News

Illien optimistic of swift Renault progress (Crash)
“The improvements will be increased gradually. I hope that will already show early season progress.”
f1fanatic.co.uk/2016/01/07/f … up-0701-2/

Many translated example sentences containing “swift progress” – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations.
In light of this we hope there will be swift progress in this affair, and nothing other than a fair appeal hearing
The second reading debate on this proposal marks very swift progress.
The EU must make swift progress in recognising professional qualifications, bearing in mind the Bologna process which…
There might be considerable developments of relevance to the enlargement process during 2010: possible swift progress in accession negotiations, expected new membership applications, possible granting of candidate status.

linguee.com/english-spanish/ … gress.html

The quotations do not refer to progress in terms of patient recovery.

I’m not sure why you think Spanish translations would be an appropriate source of evidence.

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books.google.com/ngrams/graph?c … ry%3B%2Cc0

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books.google.com/ngrams/graph?c … ss%3B%2Cc0

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