Sweet dreams or sweet dream?

Why do we say ‘sweet dreams’ instead of ‘sweet dream’? Could we have more than one dream at a time? :wink:

I am not sure about having several dreams concurently, but we can have any number of dreams per night consecutively.

hello friends…i didn’t understand tht quastion. pls clarify ths quastion,

Hi Gray,

I think,it’s a very good question. I’m really very interested in it. :slight_smile:
But in my opinion, it’ll be better if we put this question in such way:
Which is a correct form: “sweet dreams” or “sweet dream”? which one is the expression? what can we say: “sweet dreams to you” or “sweet dream to you?”
If anyone knows the correct answer,please,tell us! :slight_smile:


“Sweet dreams” is correct, because people usually have more than one dream per night.

Thanks a lot. But what if I want to wish you only one big dream? :wink: I am just kidding.
I was just curious to know if we could construct or interpret the non-standard phrases, expressions or idioms.

You can wish us only one big dream but without using the expression “sweet dream”. :wink:

PS. Gray,you’ve a very lovely picture on avatar :slight_smile:

Thanks but it is not mine :wink: