Susan vs. Suzanne

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1.- Have both names the same pronunciation?

I think the stress goes in a different
syllable, but I?m not sure.

I think the syllable stressed in
Susan is 'Susan, but in
Suzanne is the second one

Can you help me, please?

2.- Another question about names.

Dave is used for David
Is Andy used for Andrew?

How do you call this kind of names?

Thanks a million!


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  1. You’re correct, the stress in Susan and Suzanne is different:
    Susan --> first syllable is stressed
    Suzanne --> second syllable is stressed

  2. Yes, yes.
    A shortened form of a proper name is a type of nickname.


Just a note-- I have met Susans who have (or whose parents have) affected the pronunciation /su 'zaen/. I tell my students that although there are certainly standard pronunciations, many namebearers are individualistic in their preferences.