surprised at his/him

  1. I was surprised at his failing so badly.
    1a. I was surprised at him failing so badly.
  2. I am sorry to hear of your being ill.
    2a. I am sorry to hear of you being ill.
  3. He was annoyed at his missing his bus.
    3a. He was annoyed at missing his bus.
  4. He stopped me from going.
    4a. He stopped me to go.
    Please correct above and comment.

The sentence with ‘to go’ does not work.

Hi, Allifathima:

Would you mind my/me adding something?

  1. Possessive forms (underlined) is formal; Objective forms (italisized) are conversational.
  2. The preposition from can be omitted (especially in informal cases) in the sentence below:
    He stopped me (from) going.