'Suit' vs 'Fits'


Would you favour one sentence over the other?

1- This music really fits my mood.
2- This music really suits my mood.


Hmm. I think I would use #2.

Thanks a lot, Mr. Micawber. Now please see this.

Difference between FIT and SUIT


I might use either one.

“This music really fits my mood,” would be something I’d say if the music somehow reflected the same mood I happened to be in. This can be true whether I want to or like to hear the music or not. So some people might say that a piece of depressing music fits their mood when they’re depressed themselves. At least that’s one possible meaning of the sentence. It would probably be better in those situations to say the music matches someone’s mood.

“This music really suits my mood,” would always mean something like, “This is the kind of music I want to hear when I’m in this mood.”

So I think we may amend our test a bit for further improvement. :smiley:


Hi Tom,

I’m really in favour of ‘suits’ in this context. I think the difference comes out in these expressions: It (the suit/dress) fits me = is the right size. That suits me (your decision or here the music you have chosen) = is acceptable to me. The latter is often abbreviated to simply ‘Suits me’ as in:

Question:We’re going to the cinema tonight. Do you want to come with us?

Answer: Suits me.